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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School


Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

11 months ago @ 11:15AM

Distance Runner Workouts for 4/13-4/15

Those not racing this weekend:

Friday - enjoy the weather! 10 -20 -10 tempo run. Push that 20 minutes!

Saturday/Sunday  One long and one short easy run and strides

Those racing only on Saturday:

25-30 minte run then 6x150 accelerations. 

Team News

1 year ago @ 12:23PM

Varsity/Experienced Distance Spring Break Workouts




*** If you are in town, reminder that we have practice Monday and Tuesday 3pm LB.


Out of town:

Monday:                   warm up then progression run. If you have the chance to add in a few hills

along the way that would be awesome.  10 warm up, then four 10 minute

blocks of shifts. Last 10 minute block should be the best you can roll for that 10 minutes.  Then 10 cool down.


Tuesday:                   Recovery Run of 40 minutes and then strides. This could be a cross train day



Wednesday:            ***If you are not racing at Leslie Sherman.  Warm up 10 minutes then we

will go 3 hard – 2 easy times 5.  Cool down 10 minutes.


Thursday:                 Recovery run 40 minutes and strides or cross train.


Friday:                       40 minute moderate run. Last 5 minutes should be 30 seconds hard/30

seconds easy.


Saturday:                  Off or cross train.


Sunday:                     45-50 easy and strides.


Monday:                   Practice LB 3pm. If you are not going to be here, then repeat the previous



***DAILY  - Core and stretching. Adding push ups every other day would be great. ***

Team News

1 year ago @ 8:14PM

SPRING BREAK Runs/Workouts for JV Runners & Developmental Runners

Saturday, March 24th, 40 minute recovery run, strides and stretch.

Sunday, March 25th, Off.

Monday, March 26th, JV runners do 10 minute warm up, 20 minute tempo (brisk Pace), 10 minute cool down - Developmentals, do 10 min warm up, 15 minute tempo (brisk pace), 10 minute cool down. Stretch and all do floor core 1. (USE A WATCH!!!)

Tuesday, March 27th.  Everyone does 40 minute recovery, then 6 strides.

Wednesday,  March 28th, JV runners  - 15 minute warm up, drills, then do 3x 2, 1, 30s, 5 minute recovery - then 6 x 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy - 15 minute cool down. Developementals  - 15 minute warm up, drills, then do 2x 2, 1, 30s, 5  minute recovery,  then 5 x 30 seconds hard/30 seconds easy. 15 minute cool down. Stretch and all do floor core 2. (USE A WATCH!!!)

Thursday, March 29th.  Everyone does 40 minute recovery, easy strides.

Friday, March 30th. Everyone goes 20 minutes out at brisk pace, come back 1 1/2 to 2 minutes faster. Stretch and all do floor core 1. (USE A WATCH!!!)

Saturday, March 31st, 40 minute recovery run, strides.

Sunday, April, 1st Off (No fooling...LOL)

Team News

1 year ago @ 9:00PM

Runs/Workouts for Non State Distance Runners, Thursday Feb 22 - 25th

Thursday Feb 22nd:

Non state Varsity runners, 40 minutes recovery run/strides.

Newer distance runners, 35 minutes recovery run/strides.

Beginning runners, 30 minutes easy/strides.

Friday, Feb 23rd:

Non State Varsity runners: warm up 10 minutes then do a 5-4-3-2-1 with half rest @ interval pace - hard but not all out. 10 min cool down. If you can do this on a softer surface that's good too. Stretch and do cross country core.

Newer distance runners: warm up 10 minutes, then do 3 x 2 mins hard/easy then transition into 5 x 1 minute hard/1 minute easy. (pace on two minute ones should be a good brisk pace) Please use a watch!  Stretch and do some push ups and sit ups. 

Beginning runners: Warm up 10 minutes then run 10 minutes harder(Fast enough where you shouldn't be able to have a conversation)  than do a 10 minute cool down. Please use a watch!! Stretch and do some push ups and sit ups. 

Saturday, Feb 24th: Everyone is Off!!!

Sunday, Feb 25th: 

Non State Varsity runners: 45 minute distance run/6 strides

Newer runners: 35/40 minute distance run/6 strides

Beginning runners: 30/35 minute distance run/6 strides.




Team News

1 year ago @ 2:25PM

Spring Track Tryout Information

We will start Monday Feb 19th at 3pm. Done 515. Meet by the weightroom. Please make sure you have a pink card, emergency care form and are prepared for going outside. Long sleeves and long pants are required daily. 

Tryouts Day 2/3 Feb20/21st will also be at 3pm by the weightroom. Done 515. 

There will be no full team practice on Feb 22 and Feb 23 due to the State Indoor Track and Field Championships.  Throwers may practice both of those days. 

More information will be posted under files.
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