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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School


Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 7:41AM

Mangan/Switzer Thursday 4/7

Those that raced Wednesday. 40 minute run and strides.

Those racing this weekend.  also 40 minutes and strides of the 150 variety.

Team News

2 years ago @ 5:11PM

Mangan/Switzer Distance Addendum for Varsity Friday/Sat/Sun

For Friday 3/25: Best run in a group of equal ability. During the workout portion of this, the default speed is moderate distance run pace. There are no "slow" parts.  15 minutes of warm up. Get a little faster the last 5 minutes. Then - one person in the group makes a hard move for 30-90 seconds. You decide what you can handle. Just go. Everyone else needs to cover the move. Then go back to moderate distance pace for 2 minutes. Then another person makes a move. And so on. There should be at least 10 minutes of hard running in this section. If your group is small, you may be the leader more than once.10 minute cool down at the end. *** This is mental and physical. You must think, I will not get dropped by this move and hang on.  *** if you are alone, just do the workout listed on the original schedule.

Saturday - 40 minutes and strides. Keep the pace comfortable. This could also be a cross-training day. Sunday can be 40 minutes and strides. Monday is at Burke Lake for this crowd.

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:48PM

Mangan/Switzer Distance Runner Workouts Spring Break

Saturday or Sunday longer run. Veterans up to 60 minutes. Newbies up to 45 minutes. You can cross train or be off the other day.

For those not in town: follow this plan.

Monday:   Tempo workout - Warm up then 20 minutes of steady harder running. Make sure the last few minutes are the quickest. If this workout can be on hills, even better.10 cool down.  strides. Core

Tuesday: 40 minute recovery run and strides.

Wednesday: Fartleck workout. Warm up 10/5 then drills. Then 4 hard- 3 hard-2-hard-1 hard with recovery being half of the time you just ran. Repeat x 2. 10 cool down. Core/Abs

Thursday: 40 minute recovery run and strides

Friday:   10 warm up then 10 tempo 3 minutes of distance pace 10 tempo- 10 cool down strides. Core/Abs

Saturday/Sunday  long run up to 60 minutes/50 minutes depending on experience. Other day off or cross train.

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:40PM

Spring Break Practice Schedule

Practices will be held Mon-Wednesday for those in town.
9-11am on the track for runners and throwers. Pole Vault practice Monday and Wednesday 7-9am in the gym. If it is raining runners and throwers will meet in hallway and then practice outside. Be prepared for all weather options.

Information for the Leslie Sherman Invite will be posted this weekend. Only a few athletes will be competing.

Enjoy the holiday!






Team News

2 years ago @ 9:38AM

Spring Break Workouts Mid Distance Project

Spring Break Workouts—Mid Distance with Coach Lindenblad and Coach Sands

Remember to actually do your workouts, strides, lifting, and core! We have been building strength and endurance and you’ll do yourself a disservice if you stop!

Saturday 3/19: Shorter mids-30 minutes, strides. Longer mids—45 minutes, strides

Sunday 3/20: Off J

Monday 3/21: Hill workout! Warm up 10-15 minutes. Find a hill 200-400 meters long. Complete 8-10 efforts up it, varying from moderate pace to hard. Your break is your jog back down. 10-15 minutes cool down. Stretch. Do Monday weights and floor core 1.

Tuesday 3/22: Distance Day! Shorter mids—30 to 35 minutes with strides; Longer mids—40-45, strides. Everyone do floor core 2.

Wednesday 3/23: Track Workout! 10-15 minutes warm up, drills and strides. Then do 3 sets of 4x400, with 90 seconds rest in between each 400. After the set, take 4 minutes to recover. Then, do your next set. The first set should feel up-tempo. The second set should be faster. The third workout should be MUCH faster. 10-15 minutes cool down. Stretch. Do Wednesday weights and floor core 1.

**If you do not have access to a track, then do a fartleck. 12-15 x 1 min hard, 1 min jog.

Thursday 3/24: Recovery Distance Day! Shorter mids—30 to 35 minutes with strides. Longer mids—40-45 minutes, strides. Everyone do floor core 2

Friday 3/25: 10-15 minute warm up & drills. 5-4-3-2-1-2-3. You take half the rest of each interval in-between. (5 minutes up-tempo, 2 ½ minutes jog. 4 minutes up-tempo, 2 minutes jog. 3 minutes up-tempo, 90 seconds jog., etc.) After, cool down 10 minutes. Stretch. Friday weights and floor core 1.

Saturday 3/26: Distance Recovery! 35-45 minutes.

Sunday 3/27: off

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:29PM

Leslie Sherman Invite Information

Here are the basics for the meet on Thursday 3/24. I will attempt to put together a better time schedule once the entries are released. This includes a very limited number of Bruin athletes.

The event is at West Springfield High School. We will meet there. There is no bus. Some of you live closer to West Springfield anyway :)

Field Events: Girls Long Jump 9am- Szipszky (arrive 8am) followed by Boys LJ Baity, Rodeschin

9am Boys TJ Baity, Rodeschin (arrive 8am) followed by Girls TJ Szipszky

​9am Boys Discus Whitcomb, Wolfgang, Fee (arrive 8am) followed by Girls Disc  Muirhead, Lorick 

9am Girls Pole Vault AMT, Caralyn, Savannah, Zoe (arrive 8am) followed by Boys Vault Corey, Dec, Castro,Grabski, O'Neill, Austin, Demboski

​9am Boys HJ followed by Girls Vanderpuye, Engelbrekttson (arrive 9am)

Running Events: starting at noon and then going on a rolling schedule​

100 Dash  Roxy Paleo, Noah Menotti, Eugene

1600 Run Sarah Christen, Flesch, Parker, Lin, Howard

4x100 none

400 Eva Paleo, Mary Matula, Josh Demboski, Chris Hicks, Quinn O'Neill

300IH none

800 Zoe R, Wardinski, Wojik Showalter, Tyler, Buontempo, Willis

***If you are listed and are out of town, please let me know and I will fix it.

Team News

2 years ago @ 9:15PM

Meet Coach Packet located in team files

If you didn't make it to the Meet the Coach night, please read the packet and complete the last page and return to Coach Mangan ASAP. 

Team News

2 years ago @ 2:26PM

Workouts for the Week - Feb 23-28

Since indoor track is still competing, we are asking that you get the following work done on your own. Regularly scheduled practices will resume on Monday February 29th.


Tuesday 2/23 - Warm up and drills like we learned on monday. Then 15 minute run. 6 x 100 meter strides. Dynamics.

Wednesdau 2/24 Warm up and drills. Then 12 minutes of 30 seconds hard running followed by 1 minute easy running. Dynamics.

Thursday 2/25 Warm up and drills. 15 minute run. 8x100 meter strides. Dynamics.

Friday 2/26 Warm up and drills. 10 minutes of 30 seconds hard running followed by 30 seconds easy running. Dynamics

Saturday 2/27 Off

Sunday 2/28  Warm up and drills.15 minute run then 8x100 strides. Dynamics.


New runners: Tues/Wed  30 minutes each day of easy running. 6x100 meter strides. Thursday OFF. Friday/Saturday 30 minutes easy and 6x100 strides. Sunday 20 minutes and strides.

Veterans: Tuesday  30-40 minutes and strides. Wednesday 10 easy -20 moderate-10 easy. Thursday 30-40 easy and strides. Friday warm up then 20 minutes of 1 minute hard/1 minute easy. Cool down. Saturday OFF Sunday 45 minutes easy and strides. 



Team News

2 years ago @ 1:12PM

First Day of Practice

Practice begins Monday Feb 22nd at 3:05 pm in front of the weight room.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE GIVEN YOUR YELLOW CARD TO COACH MANGAN. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PRACTICE WITHOUT IT!      Due to Indoor Track still competing (State Championship on Friday/Saturday)- There will not be Outdoor Track team practice on Tuesday-Friday. You will be given workouts to do on your own. Starting Monday Feb 29th, we will be on our regular practice schedule.




Team News

2 years ago @ 7:43AM

Tuesday March 1 Spike Night at Potomac River Running

See flyer under files for details. Excellent chance to get training shoes and spikes and apparel. Store open for just LB folks. 7:15pm tonight. Not mandatory- Coach Mangan will be there if parents want to meet him or ask questions.


Team News

2 years ago @ 6:41AM

Monday Leap Day Practice

New athletes joining the team- please bring your yellow card and an emergency care form with you to practice. You will also need an emergency care form. Practice ends by 515 today as there is the Winter Sports Banquet Tonight.
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