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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School


Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

9 years ago @ 4:50AM

XC State Details


Released from school at 10:50. Just come to the bus. Bring a snack for the ride. We will run and do other stuff at the course. Bring $$$ for state meet apparel if you want.

On the return ride, we will stop at Macaroni Grill for a team dinner. Should return to LB 5:30-6pm.

Saturday- Bus at 8:30 am to the course. Girls race at 11:45. Boys race at 12:30. Bus returns to school approx 3pm.


Team News

9 years ago @ 8:02AM

Fall Varsity Sports Banquet


Fall Sports Banquet
Thursday, November 13, 2008
7:00pm in the Cafeteria
Families are requested to bring one meat dish and a second dish based on their last names:  A-H desserts, I-P salad and Q-Z vegetable.
Athletes are expected to dress appropriately (i.e. shirt and tie for boys, skirts/dresses, etc. for girls).  Look respectable and represent the Cross Country teams appropriately.


Team News

9 years ago @ 6:34AM



If your season is over, please begin turning in your uniform and jackets.

Boys should turn in both their racing tops and shorts and jackets.

Girls should turn in racing tops and jackets.  PLEASE DO NOT TURN IN YOUR BRIEFS!!!  You paid for them, keep them, you will need them if you are running indoor track.

Items can be returned to Coach Switzer during school in his room or to Coach Davis after school in the track office in the gym.  Please place your items in a bag and lebel them with your name.

Any items not returned will result in a bill being sent home for the amount it would cost to replace them.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Team News

9 years ago @ 7:14AM

Patriot District Cross Country Championships This Thursday

Come support the girls and boys Cross Country programs as they attempt to run down District titles this Thursday at Burke Lake Park. The boys race at 4:15 and the girls race at 4:45. 

Team News

9 years ago @ 8:46AM

***UPDATED Practice Schedule for Championship Roster Week of 10/19


Friday 3pm at LBSS

Saturday  run on your own.

Team News

9 years ago @ 8:52AM


Our Seniors will be introduced before the Varsity Football game on Friday Oct 24th. Please join us to celebrate our seniors.

Seniors- I will need a 3x5 card with your name and the name(s) of your escort(s) by the District Meet on Oct 23rd. If there is a difficult pronunciation, please include a phonetic spelling too. All cards should have info printed legibly.

Seniors and their escorts will need to arrive at 6:30 to be ready for introductions. Please dress nicely.

Following the introductions, we will have a short reception for our athletes and there parents under the LBXC Tent.


Team News

9 years ago @ 6:27AM

Workouts for those not on post season roster

If you are going to be running indoor track, now is the time to rebuild our base. For the week beginning oct 20th you need to run 5 days (3 at 40 minutes and 2 at 30 minutes) Strides each time you run and Core workout every other day. 30 push ups every other day.

For the week of Oct 27th you need to run 5 days (2 at 30, 2 at 40, 1 at 50 minutes) Again strides, push ups and core. 

for the week beginning Nov 3rd  you need to run 5 days (2 at 30, 1 at 40 and 2 at 50 minutes) Keep up with the strides, pushups and core

Team News

9 years ago @ 5:57AM

Bull Run Invite Info attached in files

Time schedule, directions, details are included

Team News

9 years ago @ 6:45PM

Brentsville Results 2.5k

Here are the results from Brentsville.

Epstein 9:28
Landy 9:53
Moore, T. 9:56
Lardner 10:00
Hagan 10:03
Parker, A. 10:04
Becker 10:07
Giri 10:10
Khoury, N. 10:10
Bumgarner 10:18
Bourneuf 10:27
Doerner 10:28
Crow 10:35
Kohler 10:58
Courtney 11:10
Berg, E. 11:33
Sager 11:35
Gloria 11:45
Emily 11:52
Meg 11:53
Payton 12:06
Shannon 12:06
Megan 12:21
Taylor 12:31
Raquel 12:40
Beth 12:45
Tiffany 13:05
Khoury, T. 13:09
Denise 13:13
Elizabeth 14:10
Veronica 16:21

Cruz 8:14
Clark 8:18
Sohl 8:33
Rubenking 8:41
Vargas 8:42
Hoogland 8:47
McVicker 8:48
Singer-Riske 8:49
O'Neill 8:49
Klein, M. 8:52
Mattimoe 8:57
Fant 9:02
Kreyenhagan 9:04
Martin, T. 9:04
Deblois 9:06
Will 9:20
Martin, D. 9:24
Sokvary 9:30
Kaufman 9:50
Adam 10:09
Daw? 10:10
Jessi 10:16
Parker, N. 10:22
Adam 10:31
Chris 10:36
George 10:39
Hank 10:43
Cilke 10:46
Varun 10:57
Brandon 11:02
Patel 11:30
CJ 11:40
Sparrow 11:44
Justin 11:45
Kulesa 12:53
Reider 14:06


Team News

9 years ago @ 5:28AM

Quad Meet at South Run Results


LB, Hayfield, Annandale vs West Springfield
@ South Run 5k
10/7/08 60degrees and perfect

David Kreyenhagen         19:07
Conor O’Neill                 19:08
Will Greenwood              19:44
Carl Cilke                        20:05
Tyler Martin                    20:11
Adam Rothe                   20:12.1
Jesse Martin                    20:12.2
Chris Gerber                   20:21
Nathan Parker                 20:25
Bao Phan                        20:39
George Rudebusch         20:44
Alish Giri                        20:45
Hank Thibodeaux            20:47
Duncan Cannon              20:52
Chris Granito                  21:23
Brandon Crossett            21:40
Justin Lock                     21:43
Caleb O’Neill                  21:47
Varun Bhatnasgar            21:51
Tim Barry                       21:59
Kyle Belfort                    22:00
Edmund Sparrow            23:12
Jake Reider                     23:14
CJ Tragakis                     24:04
Frank Kulesa                   24:45

Jessie Bourneuf               22:10
Ashley Doerner               22:32
Courtney Lawson            22:39
Monica Kohler                22:57
Amber Guiterrez              23:02
Shannon Klein                 23:28
Peyton Gravatt                23:32
Gloria Williams               23:38
Taylor Morgan                23:45
Brittany Kaltenbaugh       24:11
Megan Porzio                  24:57
Karen Wu                       25:35
Tina Khoury                    26:27
Tiffany Ly                       26:39
Denise Fedlan                 27:21
Veronica Garces             31:36

Team News

9 years ago @ 7:02PM

Results for LB-SC-WS-WP Quad @ Ft. Hunt 2.85 Miles 9/17/08

Mattimoe 17:17
Fant 17:20
Kreyenhagan 17:40
Greenwood 17:50
Sokvary 18:16
Rothe 18:56
Jessi 18:56
Martin, D. 18:57
George R. 18:58
Phan 18:58
Martin, T. 19:03
Cilke 19:06
Cannon 19:35
Giri 19:45
Parker, N. 19:45
Brandon C. 19:46
Hank T. 19:57
Varun 20:00
Chris G. 20:14
Caleb O. 21:03
Belfort 21:17
CJ 21:20
Lock 21:30
Sparrow 21:34
Patel 22:50
Kulesa 23:34
Reider 24:01

Crow 20:30
Berg 21:02
Sager 21:12
Kohler 21:13
Lawson 21:52
Murphy 22:17
Gravatt 22:47
Williams 22:49
Morgan 23:02
Amber G. 23:15
Wu 23:14
Klein, S. 23:24
Megan P. 23:36
Ly 24:37
Khoury, T. 26:05
Johnson 26:27
Fedlan 26:47
Stromberg 27:04
Garces 33:05


Team News

9 years ago @ 12:18PM

Team shoe and spike night at Potomac River Running

Wednesday August 13th at 7:30pm. More details to come. 

Team News

9 years ago @ 6:40PM

Summer Training Packets Attached

Here is the summer game plan. We are still waiting on Fairfax County to give us our practice times in August.

Summer running begins July 1. 8 am at Burke Lake. Coaches are not present. This is an opportunity for athletes to get together in a safe running environment.

Download the Summer Schedule which is under "Files"
New athletes should also download the Cross Country 101 document.

***Keep a log of your running. If you have an injury concern, please contact Coach Mangan immediately.

XC 2008 Information

Thanks for coming to the meeting yesterday. If you need the information that was given out, it is attached below.

Please make sure to send me your information so that I can put you on my Cross Country List.

New to LN Cross Country athletes- start now. Run 3 days per week for about 20 minutes. No need to set a speed record. Just get the running done. Summer training packets will be posted in a week or two.

Questions- email me at

Coach Mangan

XC 2008 Information

August 5th is the Beginning of Fall Sports

Check this site often for updates

Make Sure you have your VHSL Physical Form and Emergency Care Form completed before that date. The physical must be after May 1st 2008 in order to be good for school year 2008.

Camp Varsity Info is attached under files. Please sign up early so that you are guaranteed a spot.

The Running School (XC Camp) has information located at We will have a bus to and from The Running School.

XC Practice Locations

Burke Lake Meeting Area:

Enter the park from the Rte 123 Entrance. ( Please don't enter or exit from the Burke Lake Road entrance-This upsets the park authority greatly.)

As you enter the park, pass the ranger station and then turn left. Follow down to the parking lot. We usually meet in the middle of the parking lot.
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