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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School


Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

2 years ago @ 8:35PM

Emerging Group - Training for February

Emerging Group: If you are planning to run Spring Track, please follow the posted workout schedule closely. It is IMPORTANT that you continue your training. Your success in Spring Track depends on it. The floor Core 1 & 2 sheet that we used is also posted here. See you all in a few weeks.

Emerging Coaches, Sands, Jordan & Lindenblad

?Emerging training for February, 2017:

Wednesday - Feb 1: 10-15-10, Core 1. (the 15 part noticeably quicker)

Thursday- Feb 2: 30 min/strides.

Fri day - Feb 3: Warm up, drills, 4,3,2,1 (half rest) Warm down, Core 2.

Saturday- Feb 4: 30 Min/strides.

Sunday - Feb 5: OFF

Monday - Feb 6: Run 15 min one direction, turn around and come back minute & half faster. Do Core 1 & 2.

Tuesday - Feb 7: 35 min easy/strides.

Wednesday - Feb 8: Warm up, drills, 10 X 45 seconds on/off, strong effort/

Warm down/Core 1.

Thursday - Feb 9: 30 min recovery run/strides.

Friday - Feb 10: 10-15-10/Core 2. (the 15 part noticeably quicker)

Saturday - Feb 11: 35 min recovery run/strides.

Sunday - Feb 12: OFF

Monday - Feb 13: Warm up, drills. Find a hill – approx. 200 meters, run up/jog down 6-8X, strong, warm down/Core 1 & 2.

Tuesday - Feb 14: 40 Min easy run/strides.

Wednesday - Feb 15: 10-15-10/Core 1. (the 15 part noticeably quicker)

Thursday - Feb 16: 40 min easy run/strides.

Friday - Feb 17: Warm up/drills/4,3,2,1, Half rest, warm down/Core 2.

Saturday- Feb 18: 40 min easy/strides.

Sunday - Feb 19: OFF

Monday - Feb 20: Warm up, drills/Find a hill-approx  200 meters, run up/jog down 6-8x solid effort/warm down, core 1 &2.

Tuesday - Feb 21: 40 Min easy/strides.

Wednesday - Feb 22: Warm up, drills, 10 X 30 seconds on/off, Warm down, core 1

Thursday - Feb 23: 40 min easy/strides.

Friday - Feb 24: 10-20-10, Core 1. (the 20 part noticeably quicker)

Saturday - Feb 25: 40 min recovery run/strides.

Sunday - Feb 26: OFF

Team News

2 years ago @ 1:54PM

Pole Vault and Throwers Practices


Practice at LB 8-10 am on Tuesday and Thursday. Weight room will be open from 930-11 on Monday Dec 26th.

Throwers - stay active the rest of the days. Lift, bike, swim, shovel snow ;)

Vaulters - follow sprinter workouts the days we don't vault.


Team News

2 years ago @ 8:48PM

Thanksgiving Workouts

Hopefully you enjoyed a great Thanksgiving and spent some quality family time. 

Distance Runners - Friday warm up then  20 minutes hard tempo run then 10 cool down

Saturday - 40 easy and strides. Sunday 30 easy and strides. Be ready to work hard on Monday.

Throwers - Try and lift. At worst, body weight and core work. Make sure you warm up and cool down.

Sprinters (Unless you got a different workout from Digby specifically)- Friday - full warm up. Then 12 times 30 seconds hard with 2 minutes in between. 10 minute cool down run and Dynamics. Saturday - Full warm up and then continuous drills (if you cant remember them then 15 minute run) 10 minute cool down and then dynamics. Sunday warm up. 10 times a hard strider. 10 minute cool down. Dynamics

see you all on Monday

***Maddy Tippet, Emma, Garret - Friday - warm up then 3-2-1 with half rest. x 4. Cool down.  Saturday - 40 minutes cross train. Sunday 30 easy and strides.


Team News

2 years ago @ 12:13PM

Practice Begins Wednesday Nov 9th -3:15pm in front of Weight Room

Team News

2 years ago @ 6:56PM

PR Holiday Meet Cancelled

Fairfax County has canceled all activities which includes us for Saturday. Be on the lookout for emails regarding workouts and a new polar bear option on Wednesday Dec 21st. 

Also- if you are not on the email list- send coach Mangan a reminder and he will get you added.

Team News

2 years ago @ 12:28PM

Sprinters Winter Break Schedule

Digby/Lewis sprint group:  Go to Files and see your winter break practice schedule.  Technique practices on here are for jumpers/hurdlers only. Vaulters should speak with Coach Mangan about practice times.  If you are not here on ANY day, you need to let coaches know.

Have a great holiday

Team News

2 years ago @ 1:26PM

Indoor Track Green Days

Indoor Track Green Days for Field Events (no pole vault yet) will be 

Thursday 10/6 from 6-730AM

Wednesday 10/12 from 6-7:30am

Thursday 10/20 from 6-730am

?Wednesday 10/26 from 6-730am


Interested in learning Field events?  C'mon in.


Team News

2 years ago @ 1:52PM

Week 2 of Winter Break - Practices for Distance and non sprint groups

Monday Dec 26th 8am-11am  Run and Lift. For those not at practice do the following - Warm up then 6x2 miunutesat goal mile pace with 3 minutes rest between each, Then 10 minute break. Then 6 x 30 seconds hard (800 pace) with 1 minute rest between then cool down.

Tuesday Dec 27th  - On your own. 40-50 minute run. More experienced do 50. Strides.

Wednesday Dec 28th - FIT Meet For all others- Warm up then 5 -4-3-2-1 in minutes with half the rest between. Grass would be the best surface. Lift if you have a place.

Thursday -Dec 29th - On your own. 40-50 minutes. Strides.

Friday Dec 30th - All  - 10-20-10 tempo run. or commonwealth end to end.

Saturday Dec 31st - Off

Sunday Jan 1st - long run. 50-60 minutes

Monday Jan 2nd - Practice LB 8am. For those not at LB - Warm up. 6 x 90 seconds at mile race pace with 2 minutes rest between. then 10 minute recovery then. 6 x 45 sec hard with 1 minute rest. then cool down

Tuesday Jan 3rd - Back to business with regular practice.


Team News

2 years ago @ 2:28PM

Practice Monday 1/16/17

Practice for Monday 1/16 will be ON YOUR OWN except for vaulters. Here are the workouts for each group:

Vaulters: Meet at Robinson at 12pm on Monday 1/16

Sprinters: 25 mins easy, drills and dynamics

Emerging: 10 min warm up, 8 x (30secs on/30secs off), 10 min cool down

Distance who went to Liberty: 50 mins with 10 up tempo in the middle, strides

Rest of Distance group: 10 min warm up, 12 x (30secs on/30secs off), 10 min cool-down

Throwers: Stay active-lift, run, bike, swim, etc

*Practice will resume as usual Tuesday 1/17

Team News

2 years ago @ 5:07AM

Jan 7 meet at episcopal cancelled

Team News

2 years ago @ 7:27AM

Monday Jan 2 practice

8am for all emerging runners and distance runners. If you are out of town: 15 minute run then turn around and get back to starting point faster. Then 5 minute recovery then 6x 30 seconds quick with 1 minute recovery. Cool down.
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