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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

3 years ago @ 11:09AM

Distance Snow Day Workouts (Mangan/Switzer

Alternate snow day workout templates are posted in Team Files tab for distance runners. Most should be "effort'based", that is, don't try to run a specific pace, but rather treat them like a fartlek workout where you don't really know the exact distance or pace, but you feel like you're working hard for a total of about 15-20 minutes with an adequate warm-up and cool-down on either end.

Team News

3 years ago @ 8:39AM

Digby / Lewis Sprinters Monday and Tuesday snow workouts

Please look under the Files tab for the workouts for Monday and Tuesday.  Text me with questions.

VERY important the work gets done. Who knows what the rest of the week will bring.

Coach Digby

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:44AM

Friday AM Workout Updates


Throwers - Try and get a lift in Friday morning. The school building is closed. South Run, Wakefield may be options. Weights at your house work too. Try and mimic what we would be doing at LB. Something better than nothing.
Sprinters should have their workouts. If you don't contact a varsity teammate.

All Mid Distance and Distance Runners - get your run in before 11am. 

VARSITY warm up 10/5 then 2 sets of 4x400 with 200 rest between intervals and 3-4 minutes between sets. Pace is First set at Mile pace + 2 seconds. Example- 5:00 minute miler is 75 second pace. Add 2 seconds. Second set of 400's at mile pace.  Then 5 minute recovery and then 4x200 rest is 200 meters. Pace is 800 pace + 2 for first one and a second faster on each. Therefore a 2:20 half miler would be 37/36/35/ Cooldown 10 minutes.

NON VARSITY - Warm up 10/5 then 6 times 1minute hard 1 minute easy then 10 cool down. Pick a road or trail. Might not see them for a while after today :)

Saturday:  For all - 45 minutes inside. If you don't have a bike, treadmill or elliptical machine. Then run for a few minutes in place to warm up. Add in circuit like we do early in the season. Finish off with core/ab work.Something is better than nothing. Push ups never hurt anybody.

Sunday: Same as Saturday.

Stay safe. Enjoy the life timeout!





Team News

3 years ago @ 9:36AM

Weather and Track Update

The weather has certainly made itself a part of our schedule for the next few days. #1 rule - stay safe. #2 rule -stay active and get in your training. You might need to be creative, but remember Rule #1. If we sit for 4 days, we will surely look like it when we are back to competing. Our opponents will probably be sitting on their hands. Turn this weather into Advantage Bruins!
After the storm passes, the coaches will be working on a last opportunity to compete for our kids. I don't have any details, but will leave no options unexplored.
If you are a part of a group text/email for a specific event group, please look for those.
As of 845 this morning. Here is where it all stands. No activities at school today. Hopefully the sun will melt the ice and the roads and help make travel a bit easier. Here is a basic plan for mid distance and distance. 40-45 minutes of cardio activity. For those that did NOT do a workout yesterday, add 15 minutes of up tempo training to the middle of the workout. DO NOT RUN ON ICY SURFACES. Treadmill, elliptical are best options. Pool and stationary bike are good options too.
Sprinter/Jumper crowd - Digby sent you something.
Throwers- be active. Figure out a way to get access to weights. Cardio is good too. (Mya- lifting boxes works too :).
Vaulters- glad you braved it last night and got the work done. We are at the mercy of facilities now. Stay active with your training group.
FRIDAY:  Fairfax hasn't made a decision yet. Everything just speculation at this point. Let me lay out some scenarios.
1. School regular start time tomorrow. I will be there early 6:15 for those varsity kids that want to lift. Bike room available for all. This option is optional.
2. School delayed - same as above just 2 hours later.
3. School open but closing early - See option 1.
4. School closed. Get your run/workout in before the snow starts.
SATURDAY - if you have equipment in your house, stay active. Even just 15 minutes of circuit training stuff is good enough to get your heart rate up. Look for emails.
SUNDAY - largely depends on how much of a Saturday we get. Worst case - more circuit training.
***Please be careful shoveling if we get a huge snowfall. Likewise - while I want you to enjoy being kids, this isn't the time (not sure there is a time) to go do some wild winter weather adventure.
Questions as always to  You will probably get a quick response as I might have little else to do :)
Do your "enough to close school, but not wreck our lives for a week" snow dance!
Coach Mangan



Team News

3 years ago @ 7:13AM

Digby/Lewis Winter Holiday schedule

The workouts for the holiday are posted under the "FILES" link.  Make sure you do them!!!!

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:39PM

Workouts For 12/4-12/6

For those athletes not competing Friday night, practice is on your own on Friday!


  • Friday: 10 minutes warm up - 10 min up tempo - 10 min cool down. Stretch & abs
  • Saturday: 35-40 minutes
  • Sunday: Off

Distance (unless otherwise told by the coaches)

  • Friday: 15 wm up - 15 up tempo - 15 cool down. Stretch; core
  • Saturday: 35-45 minutes
  • Sunday: Off

Make sure you run, or Monday won't be very pleasant!



Team News

3 years ago @ 8:05PM

Dec. 4 TJ Meet Warm Up Information

Race Warm Ups

Normally, we warm up 50 – 60 minutes before your race. At meets where there is not a strict time schedule, that means its better safe to be sorry.

Generally, warm up 2-3 events before yours, and when you are back inside, check to see what race they are. It is on you to know the schedule, or at least be near one. We will try our best to post a schedule of events so you know what comes next.

Warm Up Routine (with a group!)

  • 10 minute run


  • drills (continuous OR regular, whichever you prefer. This can be done inside or outside, depending on if there's enough space.)


  • water/bathroom


  • 4-8 minute run


  • stretch or dynamics


  • bathroom, water, change into race gear (if you haven’t already)


  • strides


  • listen for 1st, 2nd, 3rd call for your races and go to the assigned spot



Cool Down Routine

After your race, gather your teammates who raced with you.

  • You should get in 10 minutes jogging, following by stretching or dynamics.
  • Then it’s time to cheer for others and help coaches!


Where/When To Warm Up at TJ

Athletes must be warming up in groups ONLY ON TJ Community Center grounds. There is not a coach with you, so please stay around the community center, not leaving the little park on the grounds. Do not exit and run on the sidewalk.

If you need help figuring out where to run, ask an upperclassmen or Coach Sands!


Approximate Warm Up Times

  • 55m dash: varsity warm up at 5:10; jv warm up at 5:15
  • 4x2 Girls: Warm up around 5:20
  • 4x2 Boys: Warm up around 5:30
  • Girl Milers: Warm up around 5:40
  • 500 Boys: Warm up around girls mile
  • 1000 Girls: Warm up at girls mile
  • 1000 Boys: Warm up at boys mile
  • 300m Boys: Warm up at girls 500
  • 3200: Warm up around girls 1000



Team News

3 years ago @ 6:54PM

Dec 4th TJ Meet

December 4, 2015 TJ Community Center Meet



RETURN BUS APPROX 10pm to Lake Braddock. Parents Only May take children after athlete has cooled down and checked out with Coach Sands.

***We are charge of the hurdle crew. All LB athletes need to help set them up and move them.

*** We need 3 parent timers to help with the meet. No experience necessary.



5:30 PM                Girls high jump –starting height 4’0” (raise 2”) to be followed by BROOKE, KRISTA

                                Boys high jump – unlimited entries - starting height 5’0” (raise 2”) NONE

                              Boys shot put to be followed by girls shot put (unlimited entries) All Throwers


RUNNING EVENTS (rolling schedule)


5:30 PM               Girls - 4 x 800 meter relay (2 teams max per school)  NONE

                                Boys - 4 x 800 meter relay (2 teams max per school) NONE

                                Girls – 55 meter hurdles – maximum of six hurdlers per school, run on homestretch NONE

                                Boys – 55 meter hurdles – maximum of six hurdlers per school, run on homestretch NONE

                                Varsity Girls – 55 meter dash – maximum three runners per school, run on homestretch  Thomas, Dupee, Brasher

                                Varsity Boys – 55 meter dash – maximum three runners per school, run on homestretch Menotti, Arnold, Hicks

                                JV Girls – 55 meter dash run on backstretch Krista, Ortiz, Soper,Grable, Lear, R Paleo

                                JV Boys – 55 meter dash run on backstretch Arnold, Krug, Ajady, Gopiao, K Jackson, George

                                Girls – 4 x 200 meter relay – seven teams per school ‘A Team’ Thomas, Dupee, Brasher, R Paleo

                                                                                                                                ‘B team’ Ortiz, Soper, Grable, Lear

                                Boys – 4 x 200 meter relay – seven teams per school – ‘A Team’ Menotti, Hicks, Arnold, Krug

                                                                                                                                ‘B Team’ Ajady, Gopaio, K Jackson, George

                                Girls – 1600 meter run – five runners maximum per school Minesinger, Mun, Voelkel

                                Boys – 1600 meter run – five runners maximum per school (two sections only)

                                Girls – 500 meter dash – seven runners per school, three varsity & four JV NONE

                                Boys – 500 meter dash – seven runners per school, three varsity & four JV J Demboski, Stapleton,

                                Girls – 1000 meter run – five runners maximum per school Mermagen, Ormsby, Rafter, Thompson

                                Boys – 1000 meter run – five runners maximum per school Buontempo, Cerne, Tyler, Kearney

                                Girls – 300 meter dash – seven runners per school, three varsity & four JV NONE

                                Boys – 300 meter dash – seven runners per school, three varsity & four JV Rodeschin, Dizon

                                Girls – 3200 meter run – three runners maximum per school (one section only) Tisler

                                Boys – 3200 meter run – three runners maximum per school (one section only) NONE

                                Girls – 4 x 400 meter relay (one team per school if start is after 9:45 p.m./11:45 a.m.) NONE

                                Boys – 4 x 400 meter relay (one team per school if start is after 9:45 p.m./11:45 a.m.)   NONE                      


 If 4 x 400 relays start before 9:45 p.m./11:45 a.m. a maximum of 4 teams per school may compete (2 girls, 2 boys) NONE


All schools must provide three timers to help with meet management!


Miscellaneous - No spikes are allowed in the facility.  Athletes will be disqualified for wearing spikes.  Represent your school well by showing good sportsmanship.  No throwing or kicking balls, frisbees, hacky sacks, etc.


*** If you don’t have a uniform from either last year or cross country, see Coach Digby Thursday or Friday MORNING to get one.  

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:16AM

Mangan- Distance Runner Holiday Workouts

Dec 21st - Warm up 10 easy then 5 brisk. Then run 3 minutes hard- 90 seconds easy-2 minutes hard- 1 minute easy, 1 minute hard 30 seconds easy-1 minute hard-1 minute easy-2 minutes hard-90 seconds easy-3 minutes hard. Repeat a second time. 10 cool down. Lift and Core

Dec 22nd -40-50 minutes easy and strides

Dec 23rd - 10 warm up- 15 up tempo(fastest you can maintain for all 15 minutes) - 10 cool down. Lift/Core

Dec 24th -40 minutes and strides

Dec 25th - Off

Dec 26th - Progression Run - warm up 10 minutes. Then you will do a 15 minute progression run. Every 3 minutes up the pace a little. Make sure to start at a pace that you can continue to improve your pace. Last 3 minutes of this should be hammering. 10 cool down at the end.

Dec 27th - 50 minutes and strides

Dec 28th - Find a hill that you can safely run (grass or sidewalk) that will take at least a minute to get up. 10 warm up then 5 brisk - Then on the hill- 10 times up with a jog back down. 10 cool down. Lift/Core

Dec 29th- 40 minute run and strides 

Dec 30th - warm up 10 minutes then 3 minutes hard-90 seconds easy. Repeat 6-8 times. 10 cool down.

Dec 31st - 40 minutes. Last run of 2015. Get ready for 2016.

Jan 1 Start the new year with a run! 40 minutes moderate and strides. Lift.Core

Jan 2- Off

Jan 3- 50 minutes and strides

Jan 4 - See you at LB.

Team News

3 years ago @ 7:18AM

Sands/Lindenblad Holiday Workouts



Monday, December 21st: Hills, either Dunleigh Hill or Burke Lake Rd Hill.  If you're on your own find a suitable 200 or 300 meter hill and do 10 or so repeats. Weights/Core 1.

Tuesday, December 22nd: 40 Mins recovery, strides, Core 2.

Wednesday, December 23rd: (On track) 1 x 400 (80%), jog 400M then do 10 X 200 (85 to 95%), on/off 200, If you're on your own and don't have access to a track do a fartlek with 10 45 second pick ups. Kind of like we did on the Bermuda fields. Then Weights/Core 1.

Thursday, December 24th: 40 Mins recovery, strides, Core 2.

Friday, December 25th, OFF.

Saturday, December 26th: 10-15-10 tempo. Work the middle 15. strides, Core 1

Sunday, December 27th: 40 mins recovery, strides, Core 2.


Monday, December 28th: Hills at Either Dunleigh or Burke Lake Rd. If you're on your own find a suitable 200 or 300 meter hill and do 10 or so repeats.  Weights/core 1.

Tuesday, December 29th: 40 Mins recovery, striders, core 2.

Wednesday, December 30th: (On Track) 2 X 400M (85 to 95%), 400 recovery on each then do 8 X 200 (85 to 95%) on/off 200. Weights/core. (fartlek like the previous Wednesday if you don't have access to a track)

Thursday, December 31st: 40 Mins recovery, strides/floor core.

Friday, January 1st: New Years Day off

Saturday, Jan 2nd, 10-15-10, work the middle 15. Tempo/core.

Sunday, Jan 3rd, 40 mins recovery, strides and core.



*Runners can switch the day off at home. If you want to run on the Dec 25th and not on Sunday that's okay. Just make sure you don't do two hard workouts on consecutive days.

**400M = 1 lap on an outside track.

***Please avoid walking when doing fartleks or workouts on the track. Jog your recovery.

Team News

3 years ago @ 12:21PM

Digby's Sprinters Thanksgiving Workouts

Go to the Files Link and look at my workouts for my groups of kids. Please DO THEM!! Monday workout will be a booger...


Coach Digby

Team News

3 years ago @ 2:50PM

Thanksgiving Training

This is intended to cover everyone except the top varsity sprinters and distance runner who will get information directly from their event coach. We have team practice Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (immediately after school dismisses).

If you are out of town on Monday- Wednesday follow this plan:

Sprinters- Monday: Full warm up. Then 45 seconds at 80% followed by 45 seconds at recovery pace. Repeat 10 times. 5 minute cool down and dynamics. Tuesday: warm up then continuous drills (25 meters). 10 minute cool down. Dynamics.  Wednesday: warm up then 30 seconds at 80% followed by 30 seconds at recovery pace. Repeat 15 times. 10 cool down. dynamics.

Distance- Monday: 15 minutes easy warm up. 15 minutes at the best pace you can evenly maintain for all 15 minutes. 10 cool down. Cross Country Abs. Tuesday: 40 minute easy run. strides x 8.  Wednesday: warm up 10 minutes. then 30 hard/30 easy for 15 minutes. 10 cool down.

Thursday -Sunday Practice Schedule will be posted before Wednesday.

*** Reminder- we will have our Re-trials on Tuesday after Thanksgiving for those that want a second chance at joining the sprint group or the mid distance group.


Team News

3 years ago @ 1:36AM

Making the Team

Please look under "Files" to see the qualifications for making the team and making the Varsity.  Tryouts begin Monday Nov. 9.

Team News

3 years ago @ 3:06AM

Indoor Track 2016

Interest meeting and packet pick up will be Wednesday October 21st from 245-315 on the back court of the gym

Stop by and pick up info for the upcoming season beginning Nov. 9

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