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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School


Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Team News.

Team News

2 weeks ago @ 5:18PM

Tryout Cards!!

In order to try out, you need a TRY OUT CARD to turn in to the head coach each season. This card is turned in on the first day of tryouts, along with your completed Emergency Care Card. 

TRY OUT CARDS are handed out in the Activities Office and Athletic Training Room when you have completed the following requirements:

  • Current VHSL Sports Physical Form ( - The VHSL form has been updated and if it does not say "Revised February 2017" in the top right corner, it will not be accepted.  The form must be filled out by a doctor, with the physical completed ON OR AFTER May 1, 2018 to apply to the 2018-2019 school year.  This must be turned in once per year to the Activities Office/Athletic Trainer – it is good for any season or green days that school year.
  • Concussion Education Program ( ) - The athlete AND one parent/guardian must complete the online Concussion Training Course.  This must be completed once per year.


Stop by the Activities Office or Athletic Training Room each season to get your TRY OUT CARD to turn in to the coach on the first day of tryouts.  You can stop by at any point once you have the requirements met. For the Winter and Spring seasons, there will be 2 dedicated turn-in days during all lunches in the cafeteria leading up to tryouts to get your TRYOUT CARD - check the LB Sports website/Morning Bru for those dates.  If you lose your TRY OUT CARD, come by the Training Room to receive a replacement before try-outs.


Emergency Care Cards can be found here , and must be turned in to the head coach each season.


Please note that fall sports this year have tryouts starting Monday July 30th.  Look for information on the LB Sports website,, or contact the coach directly.  Head coach contact information for each sport can be found .

All freshmen are academically eligible for sports in the fall and winter.  High School students must pass no less than five classes the previous semester to remain eligible each season.


If you have any questions, please contact the Student Activities Office at 703.426.1001



Team News

2 months ago @ 7:51AM


REGISTRATION:  Monday, July 30th, 2018 Freshmen 9:00-9:30 AM.  Upperclassmen 9:30-10:00 AM.  Outside the Gym Entrance.

REQUIREMENTS:  Before you can tryout, you must:

  1. Have a current sports physical on file. Only the VHSL PPE Form (dated February 2018) will be accepted. You can turn in the physical at the Activities Office at any time, to Coach Wieland during summer conditioning sessions, or at registration.  

  2. Have an emergency care form on file.  Turn this in to Coach Wieland if you attend summer conditioning or at registration.

  3. The athlete and one parent must complete an online concussion tutorial.  This is an annual requirement.  Once completed, the Athletic Trainer is automatically notified and provides the current list to the coaches daily.  Please complete this training at least a week before tryouts so you will be on the list when tryouts start.

  4. The athlete and one parent must read and sign the Team Rules and submit the signed agreement page at registration.

  5. You will need to have a Try Out Card to tryout! Look at the new announcement to check out the details!  

You will not be allowed to tryout until all these requirements are met.  There are no exceptions.    

 DATE                                FRESHMEN                                      UPPERCLASSMEN

Mon. July 30th*              4 - 6:00 PM                                       6:30 - 8:30 PM

Tue. July 31st                 4 - 6:00 PM                                       6:30 - 8:30 PM

Wed. August 1st**          4 - 6:00 PM                                       6:30 - 8:30 PM

Thur. August 2nd***       6:30 – 8:00 PM                                 4 – 6:00 PM                                      

* Some Freshmen may be asked to attend the Upperclass tryouts after the first session.

** First round cuts, if necessary will be after Wednesday’s session(s).

*** Final roster selections will be made after the Thursday session.

All players are eligible to be on the Varsity roster if selected.  Only Freshmen can be on the Freshman roster. Only Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors can be on the Junior Varsity roster.

PRACTICE:  Practice will begin for all teams on Friday, August 3rd and continue through the end of the season (late October for Freshman and JV, through November for Varsity).  Two-a-day practices will be held from Monday, August 6 through Friday, August 10.  Attendance at all practices is mandatory.

Team News

2 months ago @ 7:47AM

Green Days

Green days have come to a halt due to AP/SOL testing.  Keep an ear out for when future Green Days are!
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