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Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Bruins Athletics

Lake Braddock Secondary School

Lake Braddock Secondary School Athletic Boosters GO BRUINS!


The Lake Braddock Athletic Booster Club By-Laws

As January 30, 2017




The name of this organization is the Lake Braddock Athletic Booster Club, Incorporated (LBABC).





The Lake Braddock Athletic Booster Club, henceforth known as the “Club,” is organized under, and for the educational purposes stated therein, Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  The Club is located in Burke, Virginia, and is a service-oriented, not-for-profit incorporated organization. Its governing documents include (a) the Articles of Incorporation, (b) the By-Laws of the Club, and (c) any Resolutions, Standing Rules, Policies, or Practices adopted by the Club, in that order. 





The Purposes of the Club are as follows:

  1. To promote the interest, enthusiasm, and school spirit of the School and the Community in the athletic activities and athletes of the Lake Braddock Secondary School (LBSS);
  2. To increase the attendance at and support of all LBSS athletic activities;
  3. To recognize and honor LBSS’ outstanding teams and athletes;
  4. To provide additional funds and manpower, as necessary and appropriate above and beyond what the School and County provide, to support LBSS teams and athletes, and to promote their safety and success; and,
  5. To represent and advance the interests of the athletes, teams, and their parents/guardians with School, Conference, and County officials.   





Section 1 - Limitations:  The Club shall be noncommercial, nonsectarian, and nonpartisan.


Section 2 - Restrictions:  The Club, its Members, and its Board of Directors, in their official capacities, shall not engage in activities unrelated to advancing the Purposes of the Club.


Section 3 – Revenue Distributions:  No revenue or work of the Club shall benefit or be distributed/paid to its Members, Officers, or School employees (unless approved by the Board).  However, the Club shall be authorized and empowered to pay reasonable compensation for services rendered by private persons and firms, and empowered to make payments in furtherance of the Purposes set forth in the Articles of Incorporation in accordance with these By-Laws.





Section 1 - Eligibility:  All persons having an interest in Lake Braddock Secondary School athletic programs, teams, and athletes are eligible for membership in the Club.  Each membership shall be extended in the name of an individual person, or in the name of a family unit.


Section 2 – Non-Discrimination:  Membership shall be made available without regard to race, color, gender, creed, or national origin.


Section 3 – Membership Rights:  Each member or family unit in good standing -- whose membership is fully paid -- shall be entitled to one vote in any meeting of the General Membership, and shall be entitled to participate in said meetings consistent with the meeting agenda.  Persons who are not Club members may not attend nor participate in Club meetings.


Section 4 – Membership Categories:  The Board of Directors may devise categories of general membership. These categories do not affect voting rights.


Section 5 - Dues:  The annual dues of the Club shall be established by the Board of Directors.  Dues may not be pro-rated or paid in installments; dues must be paid in full at time of joining.


Section 6 – Period of Membership:  Membership in the Club runs from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.  Any eligible person may join the Club at any time through the full payment of yearly dues concurrent with the school year.       





Section 1 – Board of Directors:  The affairs of the club shall be managed by a Board of Directors, henceforth known as the “Board,” who shall be elected annually in late spring at a Special Meeting of the Club. Only Club members in good standing shall be eligible to serve on the Board. The Club shall elect Board members by a majority vote of all Members of the Club in good standing who are present and voting at the Special Meeting.  Nominations for the Board shall be made at the regular Monthly Meeting that precedes the Special Meeting.  The Agenda for this Special Meeting shall be sent to all Members at least two weeks prior to the Special Meeting, and shall list the names of the nominees for each Board position.     


Section 2 – Term Limits:  Board Members will serve a one-year term commencing on July 1 and ending on June 30th of the succeeding year.  Board Members shall not be eligible to serve more than two (2) consecutive terms in the same office.  This prohibition may be waived for the Treasurer, provided it is done so with the consent of two-thirds of the Board voting in support, and provided there are no adverse findings from a recent audit or review.  No person may hold more than one elected office at the same time.  Following a break in service of at least one year from a particular office, Members are eligible to serve again in a previous role.    


Section 3 – Board Composition: The Board of Directors shall consist of a minimum of seven (7) and a maximum of thirteen (13) Members in good standing, to include four Officers -- President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer -- and three to nine At-Large Directors to serve in areas designated by the Board. The LBSS Director of Student Activities (DSA) may sit as a non-voting member of the Board if two-thirds of the Board agrees; this status must be renewed annually.  No LBSS employee may serve as a Board Officer.


Section 4 - Board Duties:  The duties of the Board of Directors shall be as follows:

  1. To fulfill the Purposes of the Club as outlined in Article III of these By-Laws;
  2. To define the duties and responsibilities of each Board Member and Committee, and to monitor their performance;
  3. To transact all Club business;
  4. To publicize the activities of the Club through a variety of mediums on a routine basis;
  5. To propose and approve an annual budget by August 30 of each year;
  6. To approve specific funding requests in accordance with established procedures;
  7. To prepare Monthly and Annual Reports of the Club’s affairs to its Members;
  8. To conduct an annual audit or review of the Club’s financial position and report the assessment to its Members; and,
  9. To fill any vacancies on the Board that may occur between annual meetings. 


Section 5 – Board Committees:  The Board shall establish Standing Committees on Communications and Marketing, Concessions, Membership, Fundraising, Volunteer Support, and/or Merchandise.  Special Committees that are shorter-term in nature, and focused on specific issues such as reviewing the By-Laws or preparing an Annual Budget, may also be established.  Before a Committee of any type may be established, its purpose, scope, duties, responsibilities, membership, and duration shall be agreed upon by the Board, and approved by majority vote.


Section 6 – Student-Athlete Representatives:  The Board shall permit and encourage the attendance and participation of a Student/Athlete Representative from each LBSS athletic team, as identified by the team coach, at each Monthly meeting of the Board.  The purpose for encouraging such participation is to solicit student-athlete input on how the Boosters could better support LBSS athletic teams and athletes.  Student-Athlete reps are excluded from the Membership requirements outlined in these By-Laws.


Section 7 - Quorum Requirement:  A quorum of one-third of the Board members is required to conduct business on behalf of the club.  As such, each Board member is expected to attend all Board meetings and support the Club throughout the year.


Section 8 - Board Member Removal:  If a Board members fails to attend three consecutive meetings of the Board, is absent from 50% or more of all Board meetings in a given year, or otherwise fails to perform any of his/her duties or obligations, he/she may be removed by a two-thirds vote of the Board present.


Section 9 - Vacancies:  In case a vacancy occurs for any Board Officer or Director, that position shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by the majority of the Board, with two-week prior notice of such election having been given to all Board members.


Section 10 - Liability: The members of the Board shall not be held personally liable for the obligations of the corporation, and shall not be liable in damages to the corporation for injury which may result from the fulfillment of the directors’ duties when they perform the duties of their position in good faith and with that degree of diligence, care and skill which ordinarily prudent persons would exercise under similar circumstances.





Prior to approval of the Annual Budget and commencement of LBSS athletic activities in August, the Board President and his/her Officers shall outline the specific Goals they intend to achieve by June 30 of the following year, and the Metrics by which they intend to measure success.  These Goals shall fulfill the Club Purposes as outlined in Article III of these By-Laws, and specifically aim to grow membership, increase revenues, maintain a positive balance sheet, provide direct and maximum support to LBSS teams and athletes, and publicly promote these teams’ and athletes’ successes on a routine basis.  Additionally, a foundational Goal of the Board shall be to conduct its business professionally; to ensure complete transparency in all proceedings; and to maximize inputs from athletes, teams, and parents to achieve the Club’s Purposes.




The Officers of the Club consist of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  These positions occupy the core of the Board Executive Committee, and have the following duties and responsibilities.


Section 1: The President shall:

  1. Act as chief executive of the organization;
  2. Prepare and send to all Members a notification of upcoming meetings, and the associated Agendas, in accordance with the timelines prescribed in these By-Laws;
  3. Preside at all meetings of the Club;
  4. Perform such other duties as may be prescribed by these By-Laws;
  5. Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the Club;
  6. Represent the Club at meetings with School and County officials, and with other groups or individuals, or appoint another Board member to act in this capacity;


Section 2: The Vice-President shall:

  1. Assist with the duties of the president as mutually agreed upon and approved by the Board;
  2. Perform the duties of the president in his/her absence, or if the president is unable to perform his/her role;
  3. Develop with the DSA and coaches the yearly Calendar of Events and coordinate such calendar with the Board and various committees; and,
  4. Perform other duties as assigned.


Section 3: The Secretary shall:

  1. Record and maintain the Minutes of all Club meetings, and send or make a draft available to all Members within two weeks of the last Meeting, which is prior to the next Meeting at which they should be approved;
  2. Maintain a current copy of the By-Laws;
  3. Maintain a current copy of the membership list;
  4. Prepare and sign correspondence as designated by the President or his/her representative, and maintain a complete file of all correspondence; and,
  5. Perform other duties as assigned.


Section 4: The Treasurer shall:

  1. Collect and have custody of all the funds of the Club;
  2. Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures;
  3. Make disbursements as authorized by the Board in accordance with the budget adopted by the Club and the procedures established by these By-Laws;
  4. Present a financial statement at every meeting of the Club, and at other times when requested by the Board;
  5. Have the accounts examined annually (in May of each year) by a professional auditor – or by a Board-approved Audit Committee consisting of no fewer than three Board Members – to verify that the Treasurer’s annual report is correct, that all funds are properly accounted for, and that funds were received and disbursed in accordance with established procedures;
  6. Prepare or oversee the preparation of such financial reports as required by law;
  7. Ensure that any check for the payment of a Board-approved project or debt is signed by two Board officers. 
  8. Perform other duties as assigned; and





The elected At-Large Directors shall perform duties as assigned by the Board.  These At-Large Directors often lead Standing Committees.  The duties and responsibilities of these Directors are as follows:

  1. Director of Concessions:  Responsible for coordinating the supply, manning, operations and financial activities at LBSS sporting events, the purpose of which is to provide a significant amount of funding to sustain Club activities.  This Director leads the Concessions Committee, which is comprised of Parent Reps from all of the LBSS athletic teams.  An important area of focus for this Director is the accounting and handling of all funds associated with concessions to ensure 100% accountability.


  1. Director of Communications and Marketing:  This position has two primary responsibilities.  The first is for providing Club Members timely and accurate information about Club activities.  This includes working with the Secretary to distribute meeting Minutes and Annual reports; with the President to distribute the upcoming meeting Agenda and special reports; with the Treasurer to disseminate financial updates; with the Vice President to distribute Weekly updates; and to provide other updates to Members as directed by the Board.  The second primary responsibility is publicizing the support that the Club provides to LBSS athletic teams and athletes.  This Director leads the Communications and Marketing Committee, which looks to create opportunities to showcase the Club’s activities support of LBSS sports through fora, such as the LBSS school newspaper, the Connections and other local newspapers, daily school news broadcasts, email updates to Members, and tweets via the Club twitter account.  This Committee is also responsible for the live streaming of LBSS sports events.  This Director may identify other Club Members, accountable to him/herself, responsible for special sub-tasks such as Social Media and Club Website Management.


  1. Director of Membership:  Primary responsibility is recruiting new Club Members and retaining current ones, the purpose for which is to provide a significant amount of funding to sustain Club activities.  This Director leads the Membership Committee, which consists of Parent Reps from each LBSS athletic team.  In addition to recruiting and retaining parents as Members, the Committee shall look, along with the Director of Fundraising, at local businesses to provide financial support as well, either as Members or Sponsors.


  1. Director of Merchandise: Primary responsibility is to procure LBSS-branded merchandise that is practical, in demand, promotes school spirit, and can generate the revenue needed to help sustain Club activities.   Examples of such merchandise include stadium seats, car window and bumper decals, clothing, megaphones and pom-poms, and other paraphernalia.


  1. Director of Fundraising:  Primary responsibility is organizing fundraising events with/through LBSS athletic teams, the purpose of which is to provide a significant amount of funding to sustain Club activities.  This Director leads the Fundraising Committee.  Fundraising events should range from car washes and summer camps, to 50/50 raffles at half times and sponsorship opportunities for local businesses. 


  1. Director of Volunteer Support:  Primary responsibility is identifying volunteer opportunities for Students and Parents to support Club activities.  This Director leads the Volunteer Support Committee, and works in support of other committees to identify and provide volunteers.  This should include working with LBSS school administrators to ensure student volunteers can get Booster support counted as Community Service hours.





Section 1 - Membership:  The Executive Committee shall consist of the elected Officers of the Club and at least three additional Directors nominated and approved by the Board to serve on an annual basis.


Section 2 - Duties:  The duties of the Executive Committee shall be as follows:

  1. To transact emergency business in between Board meetings;
  2. To approve necessary and emergency expenditures of budgeted items, consistent with procedures established under these By-Laws, when they exceed the budgeted amount and a full Board meeting is impracticable;
  3. To carry out the duties referred to it by the Board;


Section 3 - Voting:  A majority vote of all members of the Executive Committee shall be required to approve any action of this committee.





Section 1 – Meeting Types:  The Board of Directors shall hold two types of meetings: General and Special.  General Meetings are held monthly to conduct routine business.  Special Meetings are held when a General Meeting doesn’t suffice, and are focused on specific issues, such as Elections or the Annual Budget.  Club Members are welcome and encouraged to attend both General and Special Meetings.  The Board is required to send out notifications of such Meetings, and their associated agendas, in a timely manner.  


Section 2 – Meeting Times:  General Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held at 7pm on the first non-holiday Monday of each month.  If a meeting falls on a holiday or if inclement weather that closes the school prevents a meeting from happening, the meeting shall be held on the next Monday, a week later.  Special Meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the President or by a majority of the Officers of the Board, provided that at least seven-days’ notice is provided to all Members of the Club.   


Section 3 - Quorum:  A majority of the Board members present shall constitute a quorum. 


Section 4 – Notification and Agenda:  The Agenda for each upcoming meeting shall be sent or made available to all Members no less than two weeks prior to the meeting.  The Agenda for each Monthly Meeting shall address the following topics, in order, with any New Business and Fund Distribution Recommendations spelled out in detail:

  • Call to Order
  • Secretary’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Membership Report
  • Communications and Marketing Report
  • Director of Student Activities Report
  • Fund Distribution Recommendations
  • New Business
  • Old and Other Business
  • Recognition of Student/Athlete Representatives
  • Recognition of General Membership
  • Adjournment


Section 5 - Minutes:  The draft Minutes of the last meeting shall be sent or made available to all Members no later than two weeks following each Meeting, and prior to their approval at the next Meeting.


Section 6 – Roberts Rules:  Except as otherwise provided in these By-Laws, the Club’s meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Roberts Rules of Order (as revised).


Section 7 – Interpretations:  Any question as to the proper interpretation of any of the provisions of these By-Laws shall be determined by the Board Officers, to include by a vote of the full Board if necessary.



The Fiscal Year of the Club shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30 of the following year.





Section 1 – General Fund.  Membership dues, donations, sponsorship, merchandise sales, ad revenue, and money collected by general fundraising activities are deposited in the General Fund. 


Section 2 – Fund Purpose.  The purpose of funds provided by the Club is to directly support LBSS athletic teams and athletes.  The intent is to provide this support in tangible ways that promote the athletes’ performance and esprit, while also demonstrating the relevant and active role of the Club to the teams, school and the parents.  In this regard, the Club aims to support LBSS teams and athletes by providing uniforms and equipment, as compared to funding capital investments such as installing turf fields, or performing maintenance, such as on fields or gyms.  Funds will not be allocated to support capital projects that should be funded by LBSS, the County, or the state, nor will they be allocated to other school groups and organizations.  Additionally, the Board will annually provide scholarships to eligible, deserving, and graduating LBSS student-athletes.    


Section 3 - Special Funds.  Money collected from fundraising activities for a specific project is deposited in the General Fund but accounted for separately by the Treasurer. These funds may only be used to support that project, and for expenses of the Club directly related to that project, as authorized following the procedures outlined in the By-Laws. Any funds collected in excess of those required for the specific project will be transferred into the Club General Fund.


Section 4 - Team Funds.  Money collected from fundraising activities sponsored by a specific team will, at that team's request, be deposited in the General Fund but accounted for separately by the Treasurer. These funds may only be used to support that team, as authorized by the team's coach. If the team dissolves, any funds remaining in its account will be transferred to the Club General Fund. Teams planning separate fund-raising activities should discuss their plans with the Club Board to avoid conflicts with fundraising activities conducted by the Club and by other teams. Team Funds are subject to operating procedures for approval of expenses as approved by the Club Board.


Section 5 – Funding Approvals.  All allocation requests from the General Fund or Special Funds – but for monies needed to support concessions -- must be authorized by a majority vote of the Board at a regular monthly business meeting provided that the request and discussion of such disbursement(s) were held at a prior general or special meeting.  Additionally, such requests must be within the approved annual budget and accompanied by sufficient documentation.  In exceptional cases, a funding request not approved by the Board as part of its annual budget process may be considered by the Board provided it meets all of the other criteria and processes outlined in these By-Laws, and there are sufficient funds available to warrant an out-of-budget expenditure. Requests shall be submitted to the Board at least two weeks in advance of the next scheduled monthly meeting, shall outline the efforts by the team to raise and/or contribute their own funds, and shall include any other relevant factors.


Section 6 – DSA Fund.  The Club will not provide a fixed allotment for the DSA to spend as he/she sees fit.  Rather, the DSA shall prepare a prioritized request list for funding in the spring, for the upcoming fiscal year, in accordance with the timeline outlined in Appendix A.  Any request by the DSA to expend funds must not be the responsibility for funding by the School, County, or State, AND, must be proposed with the full cognizance and support of the team’s/athlete’s coach and parent-representative.  Once a prioritized request list is approved by the Board, the requestors must solicit competitive bids for the purchase of the goods and services, and present them to the Board for review and approval.


Section 7 – Club Matching Fund.  LBSS teams are highly encouraged to conduct fundraisers to help pay for team needs.  LBSS teams that make such efforts to raise funds may receive privileged consideration from the Club, and may generally be provided “matching” funds at a rate to be determined by the Board.  Such matching funds will only be made available for uniforms, team equipment, and for player attendance at training camps or special competitions, and as per the funding disbursement procedures outlined in these By-Laws.


Section 8 – Fiscal Accountability.  Any check for the payment of a Board-approved project must be signed by two Board officers.  Once the purchase/project is completed, the requestor shall provide the Treasurer with a copy of the paid receipt and work order, and a statement that the purchase/project was completed as proposed. 


Section 9 – Petty Cash.  The DSA shall be provided $1000 annually to cover the emergency needs of LBSS teams/athletes as it relates to unforeseen expenses such as game/entry fees, individual equipment, and transportation.  This fund shall not be used for capital expenses or the purchase of durable goods.  Any expenses from this fund must be reported to the Treasurer, with a copy of the receipt, within one weeks.  Additional funding may be provided by the Board once the initial $1000 is spent.


Section 10 – Transparency.  It is the intent of the Board that the expenditure of Club funds for LBSS athletic teams, activities, and athletes be done with full transparency and prior consultation with the team’s coach, parent-rep, and student-athlete rep. 


Section 11 – Authority to Obligate.  No Officer or Member of the Club, unless duly authorized through a majority vote of the Board, shall have the authority to obligate the Club for any expense or activity, nor direct or approve the disbursement of funds.


Section 12 – Compliance.  The disbursement of any Club funds may not, consistent with the rules governing 501(c)(3), inure or benefit any individual Club member, coach, school employee, or athlete. 





Section 1 – Amendment Process: These By-Laws may be amended at any meeting of the Board by a two-thirds majority vote of the Members present and voting. Notice shall be made to all Members at least 30 days prior to the meeting at which the revision or the amendments are to be voted upon.


Section 2 – By-Laws Review: The By-Laws of this Club shall be reviewed no less than every three years by an Ad-Hoc Committee of Members established by the Board.  The Ad-Hoc Committee shall consist of a minimum of three non-Board Members of the Club.


Section 3 – Findings and Recommendations: The Ad-Hoc Committee shall report its Findings and Recommendations to the Board, which in turn shall provide these to all Members as part of its 30-day Notice of an upcoming vote on all or parts of these Recommendations.  




Appendix 1: LBABC Annual Budget Process and Timeline


In accordance with its By-Laws, the LBSS Athletic Boosters budget will run annually from July 1 through June 30 of the following year.  As such, the upcoming year budget will be finalized and published by August 30 of each year.


To ensure the budget is completed on time, the following milestones will be followed:


  • March 30:
    • Special Budget Committee develops draft budget
    • Board approves independent firm to conduct annual Audit or Review by July 30


  • April 15: 
    • Teams submit prioritized requests for funding for upcoming year to Board
    • DSA submits prioritized requests for funding for upcoming year to Board


  • May 1:
    • Board meets to hear in-person budget requests from teams’ coaches and parent-reps.
    • Board hears DSA requests as well, and DSA’s views on teams’ requests
    • DSA presents an updated multi-year uniform purchase-rotation plan to Board
    • Board accepts nominations for upcoming year Board of Directors and notifies Members


  • June 1
    • Board of Directors for upcoming year voted upon and confirmed.
    • Board meets in Executive Session to decide on upcoming year budget requests
    • Independent Audit or Review initiated


  • July 30
    • Independent, full-year audit or review completed and presented to Board
    • Board adjusts the budget, as needed, based on the audit/review
    • Final budget presented to new Board for review, adjustment, and approval


  • August 30
    • Upcoming year budget approved and posted online
    • Final audit approved and posted online
    • Board President provides a statement on his/her Annual Goals and Metrics.
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