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Bruins Athletics

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Bruins Athletics

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Team News.

Team News

1 week ago @ 8:17AM

Clarification for Cross Country Athletes Continuing to Indoor Track

If you ran cross country this fall and are going to be running indoor track here is the plan.

***Note- if you did not run cross country this fall, tryouts are at noon Nov 6th at the track as stated elsewhere on the site***

1. Follow the workouts for the week. Monday 10 warm up then 5 hard 1 easy 5 hard 1 easy 5 hard cool down. Tuesday 40 easy and strides. Wednesday 40 moderate and strides. Thursday 30 easy and strides. Friday warm up then 5 times 2 hard 1 easy then cool down Saturday off. Sunday 40 moderate and strides.

2. Get coach Mangan a pink card early in the week (go get it back from the Training staff)

3. Make sure you have an order form for uniform parts if you need any. The only new item from last years team is the t-shirt. You may wear the cross country long/short sleeve shirts from the fall. 

4. Practice with the team for you begins Monday Nov 13th.


Team News

3 weeks ago @ 10:58AM

Be prepared for first practice Nov 6 Noon at the track

If you haven't been running - start now. 15-20 minutes of activity per day. 

Team News

3 weeks ago @ 2:42PM

Indoor Track Tryout 2017-18 Information

Check files for our team packet. 
Practice begins Monday Nov 6th at noon. Meet at the track unless it is raining, then meet in gym hallway.

Tuesday Nov 7th Noon

Wednesday Nov 8th 3pm.

Thursday/Friday Nov 9/10 no practice as this is the state cross country meet dates.

Practice resumes Monday Nov 13th 3pm.


Team News

3 weeks ago @ 11:01AM

Indoor Track Workouts for Cross Country Kids

We are keeping it simple.  Here's the pattern.  

Day 1 40 distance and strides

Day 2 40 again with 10 minutes of up tempo in the middle

Day 3 30 and strides. 

Day 4 off 

Repeat Cycle.  Alternate xc abs and Floor Core 2. 

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2 weeks ago @ 2:26PM

Workouts for Alternate's Race Competitors Doing Indoor Track

Oct 30 - 40 minute run and strides

Oct 31 - Run in a costume - have fun for 30 minutes. 

Nov 1 Warm up 15 minutes then 10 hard tempo then 15 cool down

Nov 2 40 minute run and strides

Nov 3 10 warm up  - then 10 x 1 minute hard/1 easy  then 10 cool down

Nov4  40 easy

Nov 5 OFF